looking for author
Hi Hi,  so I'm a little late  to the party of reading stories base on the tv show The West Wing. lol but while reading some of the stories, I came across one post by an author name Spitzthecat and ws wondering if he/she has any stories posted here and who can i get in contact with said person?

Murder she baked
So i have time om my hands an I'm catching up on movies that i have missed or just busy during the school year to watch. I'm came across allison sweeney new movies on Hallmark channel Murder She Baked series and was wondering if there are any stories written about Hannah and Mike characters. 

It's been a busy few months. With work and school, thnakfully school is finished for now, so all I have now is work and that's a little crazy in itself. Had a show to do. Kids did great. sound and look good too. Laters


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